What IOhub can do

IOhubTM is engineered and developed to support the high level requirements of Industry 4.0.

With IOhubTM you can read and write data from any industrial PLC, store the data locally in our EZ BoxTM

Data can also be exchanged between different PLC brands and languages and even between different variable types.


IOhubTM is engineered to work with Docker technology which allows it to be extremely flexible and powerful.

Docker is a platform to build, run, and share applications that are compose of "containers".

The "Containerization" term is used to define applications deployed using Docker technology and has several advantages:

  • Flexibility: almost every application can be containerized and executed within IOhubTM
  • Lightness: Docker images share host kernel which run them smoothly in IOhubTM powered devices.
  • Portability: Docker applications may run on any environment and device.
  • Independency: the self- sufficient architecture gives Docker applications a unique property to auto upgrade without interfering with each other.
  • Scalability: containers may be increased and distributed.
  • Security: applications run in a protected and isolated environment.
IOhubTM adopted Docker's capability to bring all the above advantages in the industrial environment. If you need further details on Docker please review the Docker documentation. IOhubTM architecture is modular and offers ready-to-use Docker containers or also you can create new ones.

Please watch the video below to discover IOhubTM capabilities and flexibility:

Why IOhub

IOhubTM is the simplest solution that allows any company to implement a powerful data collection tool in just a few clicks and without the need to have internal software development resources. With our powerful IOhubTM tool, you can also take advantage of IOconTM which is the most reliable PLUG and PLAY remote assistance solution on the market today. You have the most advanced IIoT solution and remote assistance solution in one EZ BoxTM