IOhub mode

When IOhubTM is enabled, the Running mode is automatically set.

IOhubTM can be set in two different modes:

Edit mode

Edit Mode allows you to change IOhubTM configuration. When Edit Mode is enabled you can make changes to the IOhubTM configuration, applications, and containers without impacting current IOhubTM execution. As long as Edit Mode is enabled, running IOhubTM configuration is not impacted and applications run as they were previously configured.

Please note that EZ BoxTM will restart when you leave Edit Mode even if no changes have been applied. We recommend entering Edit Mode only if you really need to apply changes.

To enable Edit Mode from the IOhubTM device management interface (IOhubTM/EZ BoxTM name):

  1. Click Enter Edit Mode button.
<iohub></iohub> enter edit Mode

Please note that IOhubTM will stay in Edit Mode until the Leave Edit Mode button is selected, even if you log off from the management interface.

You are now allowed to change IOhubTM configuration and modify your applications.

Additional menu and buttons will be showed according to current configuration.

All changes will only take effect when you exit Edit Mode.

Running Mode

To make all changes effective within IOhubTM you have to exit Edit Mode.

Exiting Edit Mode will automatically set IOhubTM in Running Mode.

Exiting Edit Mode will implement all changes applied during the configuration and the EZ BoxTM will immediately restart.

To leave Edit Mode:

  1. click Leave Edit Mode button.
<iohub></iohub> leave edit Mode

Please note that an informational message may recommend you to review your application startup status in the event one or more applications are set to STOP.

<iohub></iohub> warning start

Please note that by leaving Edit Mode the device will be restarted. All running applications within IOhubTM will be temporarily stopped and VPN connection will be temporarily lost.