IOhub Development


As described in the previous chapters, IOhubTM is a runtime environment that enables an easy deployment and ease of use of existing components.

It may be possible that the existing components do not meet your requirements, and you, therefore, will need to develop a new component.

IOhubTM is an open platform capable of embedding every software component you may develop, as long as it can be embedded and distributed inside a Docker container.

In the following chapters, we will describe two possible approaches to extend the existing capabilities:

  1. Extend an available Docker image with no programming required, in the next chapter.
  2. Develop a new image writing a custom application here.

Some basic understanding of Docker is necessary to fully comprehend with the following documentation. If you do not know have any Docker experience, we suggest you stop here and get acquainted with Docker.

You will need to know fundamental operations like how to: pull an image, start a container, stop a container in order to continue with the rest of this documentation.