Publish your image on Docker Hub

Docker Hub

To make your image available to IOhubTM, you need to publish it on a public registry.

Currently, IOhubTM supports:

  • public images on any registry
  • private images only on Docker Hub

If you do not have an account on Docker Hub, you will need to create one.

Create a new Repository

Click the button "Create a repository"". Feel free to use any name you like for your image. You are not obligated to use mydashboard. You can make the new repository either public or private.

Login from the CLI

Login into Docker hub from a terminal window.

docker login

Build the image

Rebuild your image with the following command.

docker build -t <your Docker hub account>/mydashboard -t <your Docker hub account>/mydashboard:1.0.0 .

Be sure to include the trailing dot at the end of the command above.

Publish on Docker Hub

Publish your image with the following command.

docker push <your Docker hub account>/mydashboard

You can also change the visibility settings and set your new repository as private.

If your repository is set as private, you have to create an access token in Docker Hub and provide the token as a password in IOhubTM when using your new container.

To create an access token on Docker Hub, you have to click your profile on the top right, select "account settings," then "Security," and create a new access token.

Access Tokens

Now your image is available for any IOhubTM application you may want to create.