ezvpn-ignition is a Docker image of Ignition, pre-configured for the IOhubTM environment.

Ignition is a SCADA software with more advanced features.

How to use it

The Ignition catalog entry, provides the Docker container image from Ignition, available on Docker Hub.

A basic configuration is provided, some environment variables are automatically configured, please change them according to your needs. Follow this link for the Ignition documentation

The web interface is available by default configured on port 9088.

To use Ignition, please check the official Ignition documentation.

EZ VPNTM does not sell or distribute user licenses or support on the use of the ignition software. Please refer directly to your local Ignition distributor.

Environment variables

When you start the ezvpn-ignition image, you can adjust the instance's configuration by passing one or more environment variables to the docker run command.

Below you can find the preconfigured environment variables.

  • ACCEPT_IGNITION_EULA: Defaults to Y.
  • GATEWAY_ADMIN_USERNAME: Write here the default username. Defaults to admin
  • GATEWAY_ADMIN_PASSWORD: Write here the default password. Defaults to password.
  • IGNITION_EDITION: Write here your Ignition edition. Defaults to standard
  • TZ: write here your timezone. Defaults to Etc/UTC

Installing the preconfigured Ignition image, you are accepting the Ignition EULA automatically.

All the official Ignition environment variables are supported.

Docker container details

Image: inductiveautomation/ignition:8.1.9

Supported architecture: amd64


  • First Release