ezvpn-grafana is a Docker container of Grafana pre-configured for the IOhubTM environment.

Grafana is an open-source visualization and analytics software. It allows you to query, visualize, notify, and explore your metrics no matter where they are stored. It provides you with tools to turn your time-series database (TSDB) data into appealing graphs and visualizations.

How to use it

iohub-grafana is a Docker container image based on Grafana using ezvpn-influxdb as a data source.

No configuration is required if used with an ezvpn-influxdb container.

The web interface is available at port 3000.

The data source InfluxDB is automatically configured.

To add graphs, please check the official Grafana documentation.

Environment variables

When you start the ezvpn-grafana image, you can adjust the instance's configuration by passing one or more environment variables to the docker run command.

  • INFLUXDB_HOST: InfluxDB host (optional). If defined, an InfluxDB data source gets provisioned, using INFLUXDB_HOST, INFLUXDB_PORT, INFLUXDB_DB.

  • INFLUXDB_PORT: InfluxDB port. Defaults to 8086.

  • INFLUXDB_DB: InfluxDB database. Defaults to data

All the official grafana/grafana environment variables are supported

Docker container details


Supported architecture: amd64


  • New Grafana release 7.5.4
  • Added Grafana plugins timestream datasource, button panel, simple json datasource, clock panel, video panel
  • New Grafana release 7.5.2
  • New Grafana release 7.4.5
  • First Release