ezvpn-webcam is a Docker container pre-configured to stream a USB Cam on a web page using a browser for the IOhubTM environment.

How to use it

ezvpn-webcam is a Docker container image pre-configured, to turn any webcam into an IP camera.

Connect a webcam into a USB port's device, in the container configuration select the right /dev/videoX on Devices USB Cameras section. You can find the right device number to use on hardware section

The streaming will be available at address http://<device IP>:56000/<endpoint> where endpoint is one of the endpoint listed below

The preconfigured port is 56000


Each endpoint provides a stream in a different format:

  • /html: frames are pushed to canvas over websocket
  • /jpeg: static JPEG
  • /mjpeg: motion JPEG, supported natively in major web browsers

Environment variables

No environment variable is available.

Docker container details


Supported architecture: amd64


  • First Release