ezvpn-mqtt-myq is a Docker container pre-configured to control a Chamberlain Smart Garage Control in the IOhubTM environment.

ezvpn-mqtt-myq listens on an MQTT broker and sends commands to open, close, and control the lights of your MyQ devices.

In IOhubTM architecture, ezvpn-mqtt-myq subscribes to an MQTT topic (myq/# by default) on the internal MQTT broker and when receive an action, it sends the command to your MyQ.

MyQ schema

How to use it

ezvpn-mqtt-myq is a Docker container image pre-configured for communication with ezvpn-mqtt and the MyQ cloud service. When used in combination with ezvpn-fld-exchanger, you have a flexible system that controls your garage doors based on specific conditions triggered by events.

To use it, you first need a MyQ compatible device and MyQ credentials (the credentials are the same you are using with the MyQ application).

Devices are identified by their MyQ associated name in the MyQ app, e.g. Garage Door.

When a message is received on MQTT_SUBSCRIBE_TOPIC/<device>, the action is executed on device <device>.

The action is the message sent to the topic.

Allowed actions are:

  • open: open the garage door (applicable only to garage doors)
  • close: close the garage door (applicable only to garage doors)
  • lightOn: turn on the light (applicable only to lights)
  • lightOff: turn off the light (applicable only to lights)

Environment variables

Input MQTT connection

  • MQTT_HOST: source MQTT host. Defaults to "".
  • MQTT_PORT: source MQTT port. Defaults to 1883.
  • MQTT_SUBSCRIBE_TOPIC: IOhubTM MQTT topic to subscribe. Defaults to myq/#.
  • MQTT_WANT_QOS2: request to MQTT to upgrade each incoming message on MQTT_SUBSCRIBE_TOPIC to qos 2 (delivery guaranteed). MQTT will honor the request only if persistence is enabled.
  • SKIP_RETAIN: If true, discard all MQTT messages with retain flag set to true. Defaults to false.

MyQ connection

  • MYQ_EMAIL: MyQ account email
  • MYQ_PASSWORD: MyQ account email

Docker container details


Supported architecture: amd64


  • First Release