ezvpn-dropbox is a service (provided as Docker container image) acting as a Dropbox client.

Dropbox Read

How to use it

ezvpn-dropbox is a Docker container implementing a Dropbox client. By default when used in IOhubTM it automatically mounts two volumes:

  • /dbox/.dropbox, a volume, containing the Dropbox authentication data
  • /dbox/Dropbox, a volume whose content is synchronizing to Dropbox.

When installing the container from the IOhubTM catalog, the /dbox/Dropbox is mapped to the application share. In case you want to synchronize data from all the applications, you can use the global share.

Dropbox Authentication

The first time the container is run, you have to authenticate the Dropbox client.

Enable the debug log by clicking the "start" button. In the debug log you will see a link used to authenticate the Dropbox container.

Copy the link and paste it into a browser. You will be asked to enter the Dropbox credentials. Once authenticated, the container will be linked to your Dropbox account.

You must enable debugging to see the debug log.

Dropbox link
Dropbox auth
Dropbox container authenticated

We recommend that you do not use your personal/business Dropbox account; you should create a dedicated Dropbox account to syncronize your IOhubTM data.

If you use a personal account, you will end up synchronizing all your Dropbox files with your IOhubTM instance. And if you clean up the IOhubTM volume, your files will be removed from the Dropbox servers.

Environment variables

No environment variable.

Docker container details

Image: us-central1-docker.pkg.dev/ez-shared/iohub/iohub-dropbox

Supported architecture: amd64


  • First release