What is IOhub

IOhubTM is an open platform that allows any OEM, end-user, and system integrator to deploy existing applications without the need to develop additional coding for software integration.

System integrators will have total freedom to develop their own custom applications using their preferred technologies, frameworks, and languages.

IOhubTM also allows users to leverage and utilize existing “blocks” from the EZ VPNTM / IO Industry® platform or from any existing “dockerized” application whether it be public or private. IOhubTM is the simplest IIoT application hub for your industrial machine installations. Manage, organize, and record data within the most advanced IIoT open platform built for industrial machines. IOhubTM allows you to:
Create custom dashboards
Store data locally or on the cloud
Link your machine to the ERP
Set alarms and notifications on sensible data
Write data to the PLC from the cloud
and much more...

This revolutionary new IIoT environment integrates with the forthcoming Industry 4.0 by simply installing pre-configured applications.